We are honored that "Storm of Joy" is a 2017 Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention in the Children - Fable genre!

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Sherri Sengsouvanna

Award Winning Author, Grief Mentor, Intuitive, Feng Shui Practitioner, Angelic Reiki Master, Spiritual Mentor and Founder of Non-Profit

Based on Sherri's life story, Storm of Joy is a children's picture book that offers a message of hope for audiences of all ages. 

Set in the magical kingdom of Danshan, the book is full of beautiful illustrations that chronicle the journey of the Queen as she experiences the death of her beloved son, the Prince.  The Queen's sadness over the death of the Prince is overwhelming but when she suspends her disbelief long enough to trust her feelings, she rediscovers the Prince in new and amazing ways!

Join them on their magical journey as the Queen and the Prince reunite in the ultimate storm of joy where everyone lives happily ever after! Learn how the Queen calls forth miracles in her own life now...anyway...anyhow...anywhere!

Sherri has truly developed new ways to communicate with her son Todd and is now co-creating her life with Todd's help and the help of many Angels in the higher realms. 

Sherri is also advocating to Congress for the establishment of Federal Bereavement Leave consistent with the Family Medical Leave Act for the death of a child.

Sherri offers grief mentoring meetings, Angelic Reiki and Feng Shui workshops that incorporate the power of music and dance to promote healing, especially for parents going through the grief process.

Additionally, Sherri has established a nonprofit foundation in Todd's memory, Dance With Todd Inc, to expand awareness and communication with the higher realms and develop affordable housing for low-income families with holistic supportive services. 

Dance With Todd

Our Mission

We seek to provide a bridge to assist others through Their grief, one step, one dance at a Time.

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